Here is What MIME2CIS Does

      My 11 second sound-bite in RealAudio format or using the Win98/95 sound recoder



Download Area

Download vs Email

Since many people have experienced slow access times on the Web, I offer you the option to download the files, or to have them sent to you as an Email. To use the Email approach, just click on 'Send Me' and in a few minutes my computer will send the software back to you, automatically. Also, the emailed files come with an installation instruction notice attached. Email files are UU encoded, so you need to have MIME2CIS installed in order to receive them.

Download V2.6Q here today!

(I suggest you download to \cserve\download)

Download Installation Help


Receive MIME2CIS and Test files by Email:



How to Install M2CW95.EXE in Windows 98/95 and NT

CS3 icon

M2CW95 is the same program as MIME2CIS.EXE, the only difference is the installation procedure, M2CW95 automatically sets up the Icons and directories for you. After installation the main program of MIME2CIS will then start.

When you have downloaded M2CW95.EXE, remember where your browser or CS3 put it! For the rest of this explanation, lets assume you put it into the directory:


Click on Start, then Run, then Browse, find \CSERVE \DOWNLOAD\M2CW95.EXE, click on Open, then OK Follow the on screen instructions. When MIME2CIS starts after installation, answer Y for CompuServe 3.0 (all versions) or N to use WinCIM or CS2.5 instead of CS3.

This installation will put an Icon for MIME2CIS on your Start Menu. It will also put 4 new icons into your CompuServe menu. Mime2cis, Readme (English and German) and Uninstall



How to Install in WINCIM

wincim desktop

Step by step installation instructions using the WINCIM RUN command

When you have downloaded MIME2CIS.EXE, remember where your browser put it! For the rest of this explanation, lets assume you put it into the directory:


Now, start WINCIM, just follow these menu items. For example, Select Special means put the Cursor on Special, and click it once.

Select Special, Preferences, Ribbon, Default, OK.


File, Run, Browse, \ CSERVE \ DOWNLOAD , MIME2CIS.EXE , OK, OK


Click on the SETUP button


Answer N (you do not want to install for Compuserve 3.0) Accept the directory location SETUP locates, or, enter the drive letter where WINCIM can be found.


Restart WINCIM



How to Install in DOSCIM

Step by step installation instructions for DOSCIM

When you have downloaded MIME2CIS.EXE, remember where your browser put it! For the rest of this explanation, lets assume you put it into the directory:


Now, using PKUNZIP, Unzip the file MIME2CIS.EXE into a new directory:


rename the file MIM2C.EXE into M2C.EXE

Then at the MSDOS command prompt enter

\cserve\wincim\mime2cis\m2c d

Answer N (you do not want to install for Compuserve 3.0) Accept the directory location SETUP locates, then Answer N to Pegasus...

Restart DOSCIM

Decoding and encoding is the same as with WinCim. 



Starting MIME2CIS the First Time

When MIME2CIS starts the first time, it will ask (again) to confirm the location of the WINCIM or CS3 directory. Accept the locations MIME2CIS finds if they are correct, or enter the Drive Letter if required.

MIME2CIS can check both WINCIM and CS3 for new mail each time that you click on it's Icon.

The first time MIME2CIS runs, it looks thru all mail to extract contents. Later, MIME2CIS will only look at new mail. (The archive bit is reset by MIME2CIS).



Decoding Files

Whenever you have email in your inbasket, press the MIME2CIS ICON on your desktop. Please close all emails before pressing the icon, MIME2CIS cannot read any emails while you are reading them!!

The emails will be in your inbasket like before, but all of the Internet MIME information will be converted to readable text. Use the Close box to close the MIME2CIS window.

If your emails had any attachments, they will have been decoded too and placed into this folder:




Encoding Files

If you are using Compuserve NEWMAIL (you have a name, not just a number), then simply send the file to: INTERNET:Name@domain. No encoding is required. This was put into service on 25 May 1997.

If you prefer to stay with OLDMAIL, then put the file you wish to encode into the directory:


For example if you want to send HOUSE.JPG from your picture editor, just copy it to:


WINCIM operation

Write an email to your destination, in the Create Email box click the 'ATTACH' box, and attach:


Now, before you access Compuserve next time to do Send/Receive all emails, click on the MIME2CIS button. All files in the ENCODEIT directory will be encoded and ready to send. If you forget to click on MIME2CIS first, Compuserve will not send the file, no problem, just click on the icon and send again. MIME2CIS will convert the file to HOUSE.UUE, and will set the mode to text automatically.

MIME2CIS will convert the file to HOUSE.UUE, and will set the mode to text automatically.

CompuServe 3.0

Click on the MIME2CIS Icon before writing your mail. MIME2CIS will convert the file to HOUSE.TXT. Then, attach the encoded file to your mail before sending, the encoded file will be found at:


The next time you send your emails, the attachment will also be sent.



An Example of MIME vs UU vs Binhex Encoding

I thought I would save some people some time.....

I have done some testing with:

None of these mail clients were able to fully automatically decode an attachment sent in MIME Base64 from Compuserve.

For those who do not use any Internet Mail programs, a little explaination. Lets say you have Pegasus, and you get a Word document from Mom. When you open to read your mail, there is a line in red that says ATTACHMENT. You click on the attachment, and WORD starts, and loads the reminder from Mom (in color, with different fonts, and a picture of a telephone) that you forgot mothers day (again).

Pretty neat. If Mom is a Compuserve user, her attachments can also appear the same way, if she sends the file UU or Binhex encoded. (Easy with MIME2CIS)

If Mom sends the file MIME encoded, then the attachment arrives as a collection of psudeo-random characters. (The Germans call it a character-salad). You can decode this, using various tools, but it is a pain in the ..., and since you know what Mom has to say anyway, you don't look.

Bottom line, if you want your message to get thru with no hassles, choose UU or BinHex encoding.

By the way, I ALWAYS use the attach button to add files to my emails with WINCIM. So far no occurance of failures. Send File works too, but is an extra step.



How to Register Your Copy of MIME2CIS

Procedure to register MIME2CIS or M2CW95 with SWREG.ORG:



POP3: An Internet Standard is Emulated by MIME2CIS

MIME2CIS turns CSI into a POP3 server!, read your mail with Pegasus or Netscape!

Your incoming mail into the compuserve in-basket can be copied and reformatted to make it readable with Netscape and Pegasus. This means that all decoding questions are solved, and you can view graphics and HTML pages embedded into the mail.

You can also use use Pegasus or Netscape to reply to the mail, file the mail into folders and otherwise communicate using these mail clients.

During installation, you will be asked to identify the \MAIL directories of Netscape or Pegasus. I suggest you backup the netscape file INBOX before installing MIME2CIS for the first time.

In WINCIM, only files from the internet will be copied to the Pegasus or Netscape clients, Compuserve emails are not processed. All mail is still readable in compuserve as well.

With CS3, all mail, both compuserve and internet, will be copied to the Pegasus or Netscape clients. All mail remains readable in Compuserve as well.



FAQ: Where Are My Files Stored??

There are two kinds of mail with WINCIM,

Mail that you read with WINCIM, and attachments to emails that you read with some other program. These attachments can be programs, images, word documents, excel spreadsheets and so on.

If the sender is a Compuserve member, these attachments arrive directly into your \download directory ready to use.

Attachments from the internet are encoded, you cannot read them with any program until they are decoded. If the attachment is smaller than 32,000 bytes, it arrives embedded into your email - you can see the encoded file with WINCIM, but you cannot see the real data. If the attachment is bigger, it is stored encoded in your \download directory..

MIME2CIS automatically processes the data in your inbasket, putting extracted embedded attachments into your download directory, there you will now find your files ready to be read with external programs (*.DOC, *.JPG, *.GIF and so on).




You can write to me at:



Fan Mail

Mr. Freeman:

I just stumbled over MIME2CIS on CompuServe while in the process of looking for something else entirely. Isn't that always the way?

I just wanted to write to tell you how much I like the program. It solves a real problem for CompuServe users who don't have other "traditional" mail services. It also lets me quiet those of my own customers who whine about the Internet sendmail headers.


Tim Gleason
Thursday, January 16, 1997

Thanks Tim, now your MIME2CIS.DOC is available from this web page, and on the autoresponder.